Euskadisc Golf is born with the goal of growing Disc Golf in Euskadi (Basque Country) and the rest of Spain. Our passion for the sport and the love of nature drive us to share the beauty of this unique sport.

Disc Golf has been growing since it was conceived in the early 70's. Nowadays about 2 million people play every year, there are 7,500 courses around the world and more than 3,500 events per year.

It's the sport that is taking the world by storm. Take the flight of the disc into your world too!


Kevin Jones -

Jeremy Koling -

Paul Ulibarri -

Zach Melton

Disc Golf gives you the opportunity to experience a walk in nature in a whole new way.

Exercise for everyone

The professional tour, mayor and world championships takes the best disc golfers to compete at their maximum level.

Elite Sport

More than sport,


a  way of life.

Body and Mind

Jessica Weese

Disc Golf is a recreational activity for everyone. The nature of the game implies not just physical activity but it will also challenge and improve your ability to focus.