A Disc golf course can maximize the potential of a park or a green area without being invasive towards the environment. Trees, rough terrain, lakes, rivers or other obstacles may be restrictive for any other activities but for Disc Golf these are essentials elements for a great course.

The equipment is affordable and easy to install. More importantly, the course requires very little maintenance as it’s mostly limited to the standard care of the park or the green zone its installed on. For that matter, the installation phase of the course serves to identify potential issues with the terrain and help solve them.

We adapt to your needs to design the best suitable course for you.

A Disc Golf can be installed in almost any green area.

A Disc Golf course can be installed permanently or temporarily.

Tee Pad

The tee indicates the starting point of each hole. Their size varies depending on the needs of each course and can be built of various materials. In the U.S.A. the most common material used is concrete, since it does not require maintenance. However, at Euskadisc Golf we bet on the Finnish standard by DiscGolfPark: turf. This improves the game experience and blends in nicely with the environment.

Turf tee pad  by DiscGolfPark

Disc Golf

Course Design


Design is the most important part in this kind of project and overall safety is the main priority. It is essential that the design is thought of from every angle, it has to take into account any possible eventuality that might come up during the game.

A great design is not just a collection of extravagant or unusual holes, but it highlights the uniqueness of each park or green area. At Euskadisc Golf, our designers approach each project with enough imagination to take advantage of the peculiarities offered by the terrain. The challenge is to squeeze the most personality out of each park without forgetting the player's experience.

A good design will bring a course with holes that challenge the player, but above all, it will provide a fun experience that makes him come back.  



Course installation has three essential components;

Baskets, Tees and signs.


Baskets are the essential element of the facility, without them there is no course. They have to be solid and high quality so they can resist years of use and severe weather conditions.  The basket is a galvanized metal construction with a powder-coated finish.

Generally, it anchored into the ground with concrete. We also have a stone mounting foot and in addition, we offer a mobile foot that facilitates the mobility of the baskets for temporary installations.

Our baskets are the DisCacther Target by Innova Discs, approved by the PDGA for championship level.

DisCatcher target by Innova Discs approved by PDGA


A Disc Golf course is an innovative and economical way to get the most out of a park or even to rehabilitate it. Our designers will make it possible for everyone to enjoy the park safely, whether they are Disc Golf players or just want to enjoy a walk outdoors.

Green areas

You can install a Disc Golf course in almost any green area. It does not matter if there is a picnic area, a stream, or abrupt changes in altitude. The course is integrated within the surroundings to take advantage of all its characteristics.


A sports facility in a forest?

With Disc Golf it is possible.

The best courses in the world take advantage of both open areas and wooded areas to create holes that challenge the abilities of both top-level and beginner players.


Education centers

Schools, high schools, university campuses, or sports centers are an ideal place to set up a disc golf course and encourage outdoor exercise. It does not matter if the facilities are only suitable for a 3-hole course or for a full 18-hole course. Students will benefit from a sport that will challenge them both physically and mentally.

Ball Golf Courses

Some of the best Disc Golf courses are integrated into a traditional golf course. In this way you can take advantage of the rough areas that are usually in disuse. They are usually Pay & Play courses. These courses (both permanent and temporary) are a great alternative to host a championship level event or tournament.

Tee sings & info board

At the entrance an info board is installed along with a map of the course, which includes position, distance, and par of each hole. It also contains the basics rules of the game and course safety advice. Tee signs are installed next to each hole and can include information on distance, par, and course obstacle.

A great way to get the community involved is to include local business advertising on both info board and tee signs.

Signs, graphics, and the type of material used may vary depending on individual needs. Each manufacturer offers its own standard design, but at Euskadisc Golf we work with each client to keep in mind terrain singularities and be able to find the best solution for their course.

Galvanized tee signs by DiscGolfPark

Where can a Disc Golf course be installed?

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