The union of two cultures.

Eagle McMahon

Euskadisc Golf  was born from the eagerness of two friends (Koldo and Andoni) to introduce Disc Golf into The Basque country and Spain. We are building a bridge between Finland and The Basque country, two unique cultures that share a passion for adventure and nature. Both cultures are characterized by their innovative character and hard work to maintain their cultural identities by preserving their values and traditions. At Euskadisc Golf we work to do our best, with honesty and effort. We want to keep moving forward and create a sustainable future, and strive to grow together  by learning from other cultures without forgetting our roots.

Innovation & Identity

What do we do?


We are committed to quality and elegance in our designs. In addition to our own team, we have the collaboration and advice of expert Finnish designers. Our designs always start with course safety, without getting in the way of the player´s experience. In addition, we always seek to take advantage of the resources offered by the environment to create a versatile and entertaining course.


We minimize the aesthetic and environmental impact. We integrate the Disc Golf course into the surroundings while always respecting nature. The installation of each course is a unique process, our signs are completely adaptable to the needs of each project.


Euskadisc Golf promotes the sport in different ways throughout Spain: organizing events, making contacts with the best players or helping to grow the sport by the creation of local clubs.

Analyzing how Disc Golf has grown in Finland over the last 15 years, we know that it is really important to set up courses that are easily accessible to new players.

Nate Perkins

Koldo Toribio

Born in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) but living in Turku (Finlandia) since 2012. Sporty, energetic and determined. I discovered Disc Golf in Finland and fell in love with it. The more I learned about the sport, the more I discovered how interesting and beneficial it can be for the community.

Andoni Zenarruzabeitia

Native of Bilbao (Bizkaia). Adventurous, entrepreneur and sporty by nature. I have practised a lot of different sports along my life but I was drawn especially by Disc Golf for its uniqueness and versatility. From then on, I play and work to help Disc Golf grow.

Our Vision

The strategy to achieve this goal is quite straightforward: we have to make the sport visible, as happened with Surf in the 80's; a rather unkown sport in The Basque country up until then that revolutionized the local youth.

Making Disc Golf courses is essential so that people can learn about the sport and practice it, as well as the equipment becoming easily available.

"Disc Golf will revolutionize the way we interact with our natural environment"

In Euskadisc Golf we bet on helping local clubs so they can focus  their efforts to draw  new players into the sport.